Sims 2

This archive contains all of my Sims 2 creations from 2005 to 2009. The package weighs in at 118mb of files (compressed), and includes around 400 object retextures; over 2000 walls, floors, and terrain paints; around 50 skinning files; and 18 unique housing lots, with screenshots and shopping lists included whenever possible. To my knowledge, this is my complete archive, minus those earliest works which I deleted and re-issued. All of these Sims 2 downloads are posted as-is, sans support. Enjoy! :)



Twin Lamps Mimosa (Original architecture by Loverat)


Mira’s Loft (Original architecture by Galland) – I decorated this lot as a set for visualizing a frequented space in a Shadowrun RPG campaign. I began with his lot, but the four flat apartments wouldn’t do for Mira; her space needed to be short on floor space, tall on window space, with room for a roomie. So I chopped up the four apartments into four bi-level apartments with much more vertical space. No two are alike. Mira enters on floor three, with half of floor four open for her loft space, including the lifted area above the bathroom.

In spite of the lovely furnishings, the apartment is supposed to be in an unpleasant area of town, so I brought in black floors, grimy brick walls, and those wonderful Olemantiker windows. With their black frames and sooty, uneven colored glass (and the highest panes open for a breeze), they look right at home in a factory-turned-living-space.

Various clues to Mirabai’s personality are scattered throughout the rooms. Bright South Asian sari fabric is everywhere, as are multiple nods to the Chinese materials and shapes prevalent in this future Hong Kong society. A few elven knick-knicks are scattered around, along with several homages to turtles, a colonial elephant toy, cupcakes, lotus blossoms, and plants, plants, and more plants. Overall, I wanted to give the impression of a bleak apartment whose renter was struggling to fill it with color and life.


Weeping Lotus Teahouse (Original architecture by en7en)


Monsun House II


Anya’s Bungalow (Original architect unknown)


The Lily Loft (Original architecture by Sunni Sims)


Island Confectionery (Original architecture by Nengi)