Latest update

In January, 2015, I migrated Juniper Sun to a new site format that should make maintaining it easier on me and viewing the galleries easier for visitors. I am gratified to realize that people are still downloading my stuff — even my Sims 1 stuff! — so many years later.

Let me also update former Juniper Sun forum users on the unfortunate status of that entity. As you surely know, in 2013, I was forced to shut down the forum over a tidal wave of spammers — we couldn’t block them fast enough to save it. I have tried several times to purge the forum database of the offending posts, only to be stymied by the sheer magnitude of them; indeed, my host server crumpled thrice under the effort, and that left the database a bit of a wreck. I’ve archived the original, pre-purge database for posterity and retired the forum in the meantime; I hope two years was enough time for old members to copy out anything precious. I am grateful to everyone who posted there and helped moderate the discussion while it lasted!

The last real game-related update was the gallery of the house I built for my Sims 3 Generations fambly a long while back. I do not currently have any plans to work on the Sims 4, but I’ll never say never. Cheers and happy Simming!