Game networks and profiles

sh_blip2 Our Steam community page and Steam roster (semi-public)
sh_blip2 Network IDs for Steam, Impulse, Wii, Xbox Live/GFW, PSN, Gamespy
sh_blip2 Star Wars Galaxies Jademoon Profile on the RP Wiki (Starsider)
sh_blip2 World of Warcraft Jademoon Guild Profile (Crushridge-PvP)
(Unfortunately, old guild pages from UO, EQ, DAOC, WAR, EQ2LOTRO, and SWTOR are apparently dead.)

Forum roster

Our forum also serves as a roster of current members; it includes a system for PMing and emailing fellow members as well as a list of names, contacts, locations, and character details each member chooses to make available. Registration is required to view these listings.
sh_blip2 Officer list
sh_blip2 Member list
sh_blip2 Private bio thread for higher-security contact information
sh_blip2 Private gallery for real-life member and meetup pictures
sh_blip2 Real IDs (private)


Our “officers” change from game to game, but you can always contact the usual suspects through our forum PM system. You’ll need to be registered and logged in to the forum to PM us. When you register, please fill out as much info as possible to show you’re not a spambot.

sh_blip2 Saioka, Guildmaster (websites, forums, social media, RP)
sh_blip2 Cal, Warmaster (in-game events, PvP, PnP games)
sh_blip2 Tess, Spymaster (diplomacy, interguild relations, intel)
sh_blip2 Zaph, Quartermaster (dues, vaults, tradeskills, assets)
sh_blip2 Tor, Oathmaster (recruiting and intraguild relations)
 Epig administrates our older IRC and Mumble channels
Kirsan runs our newer Mumble channel
Kiry runs our Steam group

If you don’t have forum access and need to get in touch with someone at Jademoon, please drop us a note through our contact form.