1997-1999: Jademoon traces its gaming origins all the way back to the fall of 1997 and the founding of The Dark Empire, a top anti-PK guild on the Great Lakes shard of Ultima Online. In early 1998, the guild split into various factions, including Church of the Dark Empire, which brought together DE’s noblest members. In mid-’98, CoDE merged with Paladins of Virtue and rebranded, first as To Hell’s Door (THuD) and then Hand of Justice, under which banner our guild helped establish a player-run city.

1999-2001: In 1999, the we renamed the guild Winterblood and moved to EverQuest for its launch. During this period, we allied with Ilsik Haucil and the Dark Alliance and helped found the Coalition of Honorable Guilds and the Mithaniel Marr Roleplayers Organization, which included allies from the Phantom Guard. Because of our partnerships, the guild became famous for its roleplaying plotlines, its members’ work on the Mithaniel Marr Daily News, and it successful “family guild” raiding. Our first player moot was held in Las Vegas in 2001; we also established small outposts in Asheron’s Call, Diablo II, Tribes II, and Anarchy Online in this era.

2001-2003: After a stint in the guild beta of Dark Age of Camelot, we rolled there as the Greyrunners, a Midgardian guild on the Morgan le Fay server. We maintained alliances with Iron Fire and then Stone Circle. During this period, we also created small factions in Asheron’s Call II, EVE Online, Planetside, and Neverwinter Nights.

2003-2004: In 2003, we renamed ourselves Jademoon and landed on the Kettermoor server of Star Wars Galaxies; there, we were best known as a pirate-themed roleplaying guild, having established a 100-person, six-guild metropolis, Greenmurk, as the first on our planet. Mid-2004, we moved to the Infinity server of City of Heroes, calling ourselves the Jademoon Superfriends. A second Vegas guild meet was held that same summer.

2004-2005: We kept the name Jademoon and its elven equivalent, Ithil en’Calenmir, when we created our World of Warcraft guild at launch in 2004. While we began on Bleeding Hollow, we ultimately transferred to Crushridge, also a PvP server, to avoid queues. Our key allies during this first year of WoW were found in Remorse and Retribution, the crew with which we raided classic ZG. We also positioned a small faction in Guild Wars in 2005.

2005-2006: When Halloween 2005 brought the City of Villains expansion for City of Heroes, we returned to the game, this time on the Virtue RP server, both as villains Jademoon Marauders and heroes  Jademoon Sentinels. That winter, we also took another stab at Star Wars Galaxies, which had just patched in the NGE, and then EverQuest II. By the spring of 2006, we wound up back in World of Warcraft, where we focused on the now-famous tier .5 questline and raiding MC alongside allies. That same year, we held a player meet in Hamburg, Germany, and Cal began an online Shadowrun RPG campaign tailored to us that lasted three years and was played out first in OpenRPG and then in Fantasy Grounds. In the fall, we trekked back to Guild Wars to play through the Factions and Nightfall campaigns.

2007-2008: By January 2007, we were back in WoW for its Burning Crusade expansion. After returning from our second European guild meet-up, this time in London, England, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we attempted a faction in Hellgate: London and a new faction in Ultima Online on the Lake Austin server.

2008-2009: The following spring, we created Jademoon on the Silverlode server of Lord of the Rings Online, which was followed by a short-lived faction in Age of Conan on the Omm server. By the summer, we returned once again to Star Wars Galaxies, transferring to the Starsider server and establishing a new city on Lok named Murkhaven in honor of old Greenmurk. Autumn brought Warhammer Online and a new guild outfit on the Ostermark RP server as part of the the Exterminatus Alliance, but the game couldn’t stand up to WoW’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion, which lured us back well into 2009, at least until a quick return to Lord of the Rings Online and its Moria expansions.

2009-2011: City of Heroes recaptured our hearts in 2009 with its brand-new mission architect system; we stayed and played for six months straight, longer than we’d stayed in any other game post-WoW. That summer, our Shadowrun campaign finally came to a close after three years. In the following months, we also played WoW, EVE Online, Demigod, LotRO, Guild Wars, Champions Online, EverQuest II, and then City of Heroes again for its Going Rogue expansion. We resumed our WoW subscriptions just in time for the Cataclysm expansion in 2010. By the time RIFT launched in February 2011, we eagerly set up Jademoon as a Guardian guild on the Shadefallen server. Kiry also hosted a Terraria server for the whole guild.

2011-2013: We returned for a brief stint in Star Wars Galaxies before the servers sunsetted at the end of 2011, just in time for the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, where we crewed Republic smuggling guild Jademoon on the Lord Adraas RP server. We spent the spring dabbling in Tribes: Ascend, Diablo III, World of Warcraft. In July of 2012, a small group of Moonies donned their tinfoil hats and formed a Dragon cabal on the Arcadia server in The Secret World, but nothing could stand up to the onslaught that was Guild Wars 2. At the end of August, we leaped into Guild Wars sequel, choosing Tarnished Coast as our home. We played GW2, along with Diablo III, Glitch, RIFT, Star Wars Galaxies’ EMU, and of course WoW’s Mists of Pandaria expansion, off and on throughout 2013.

2014-2016: 2014 saw a long string of blockbuster MMOs launch, starting with The Elder Scrolls Online in April, WildStar in June, ArcheAge in September, and WoW’s Warlords of Draenor expansion in November, the last of which saw the most gametime from the guild. That same year, Kirsan set up a Starbound server for the guild as well. As of early 2016, the guild has been playing WoW, Guild Wars 2, Marvel Heroes, Final Fantasy XIV, Elite: Dangerous, SWTOR, Diablo III, and the SWG Emu. In early 2016, we also made the leap to Slack as our home base for chat after over 18 years using IRC.