In April of 2016, we decided to uproot our IRC chat home of 18-and-a-half years and switch over to Slack for our daily chat hangout. If you aren’t in yet, you’ll want to sign up so we can get you added. Then you can use your choice of multiple desktop clients, browser, or mobile apps to access it. Existing Slack members can always access the channel at

If Slack is malfunctioning, we’re probably on Steam chat. Head there to demand your free back!

We also have a private twitter account (@JademoonGuild) for the use of our members.

In-game, we use Mumble at and The passwords are private; Moonies, you can share them with your guests!

Our IRC channel was hosted by Epig at 6667 and will continue to remain online for now, though we’re encouraging stragglers to make the move. If you don’t want to figure out how to use mIRC, feel free to use this handy web client.