Jademoon is organized to enable its members to enjoy online gaming together, emphasizing respect, camaraderie, tradition, community, maturity, and fair-play, while encouraging creative RP, PvP sportsmanship, and PvE challenges. Jademoon is a general gaming guild that has been operating since 1997 through as many and more games, with male and female members from all over the world. Most of us are in our 20s, 30s, and 40s, though we boast students and grandparents alike. Given our experience and focus on real-life over gaming, we recognize that no game is permanent, and thus we discourage single-game applicants.

We expect our members to be respectful, mature adults with a strong sense of humor and proportion. Members should conduct themselves with dignity while gaming, as every member’s behavior reflects on the rest of the guild. Griefing, cheating, harassment, disrespect toward fellow members, and betraying the guild’s trust are all grounds for removal. We encourage generosity among members and support need-before-greed.

We ask our members to both communicate in Slack (and other chats and forums) and participate, making an effort to adventure together and attend guild events. If a member must go inactive, he should notify the guild or officers rather than leave everyone wondering.


Jademoon prefers to charter only one primary faction in one game at any time and may choose to charter no factions at all. Any game-specific bylaws remain in effect until interest in a game diminishes and consensus demands that we retire the faction.

In core factions, Jademoon is usually led by a Guildmaster and up to four appointed officers, each managing a subgroup of members and various specific duties in their quest to uphold guild standards:
 The Guildmaster is responsible for communication, RP coordination, and anchoring the other officers.
 The Warmaster oversees guild events with an emphasis on guild PvP when possible.
 The Spymaster acts as the guild intelligence agent and diplomat to outside groups and alliances.
 The Quartermaster manages guild craftsmen, treasuries, and assets.
 The Oathmaster handles all recruiting issues and membership adjudication.

Full members in a given game receive an equal vote in major amendments to the charter, in most recruiting matters, and on political alliances. Excepting those pertaining to formal recruiting, all votes are won by a simple majority, though consensus is the goal. The Guildmaster retains the power of veto on all non-recruiting votes, but her veto can be overridden by a three-quarters majority of members or the unanimous agreement of the remaining officers.

Full members of Jademoon also earn access to private structures and communications and the right to wear guild emblems and tags. In larger games with RP elements, we assign full members to RP divisions. Members are not required to join the guild with all characters in a given game, and we do not regulate members’ affiliations, but we ask members to avoid conflicts of time and interest and to carry our banner with pride.

The Quartermaster is empowered to levy whatever taxes he sees fit to fund guild endeavors as dictated by the current game.


Recruiting policies in a given game vary depending on the activity level of the members. Currently, a potential recruit need only find an active Moonie willing to sponsor him, usually a friend or family member. Members should contact the current Oathmaster for guidance. Recruits will be asked to introduce themselves on the forums and play with us for a few weeks before transitioning to full membership.