Since 1997, Moonies have been trekking through online games, from the early days of Ultima and EverQuest, to Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 and beyond. We’re a rare breed in this age of “progression” guilds, but we want the same things any mature gamer wants: gaming as a hobby not a lifestyle; gaming with trusted friends of any age, gender, or homeland, who care more about each other than the game of the week; gaming for fun, and not at the expense of others; gaming without drama and intolerance; gaming served up in a gleeful cocktail of roleplaying, powergaming, and casual PvP. We recruit carefully, joke around too much, and play on our own terms. We stick together online and meet up in meatspace when we can. We resist categorization. You won’t find a lot of guilds like ours, and that is why they implode over pixels while we’re still here, 20 years later — older, wiser, and with more than a few Moonie kids in tow.

Winter 2018

Happy 20th birthday, Moonies! Jademoon is once again spread out across the MMOscape. We’re dabbling in Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, Destiny 2, PUBG, SMITE, Elder Scrolls Online, the Star Wars Galaxies EMU, and whatever random stuff we picked up during the latest Steam sale!

Last past autumn, we held a meetup in New York city. Many thanks to Malo, who bought everyone custom-made ;E t-shirts. <3

We’ve also switched over from IRC to Slack last year, and we’d love for everyone to sign up and swing by to chat. More here.

As always, we’re looking ahead to the future in gaming, that elusive next big thing. We’ve got our eyes on Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, Camelot Unchained, Ashes of Creation, Anthem, and Crowfall, among others. Old friend? Wanna play with us or just say howdy? Come hang out with us in Slack and be the first to know where we’re headed next. See you there!